Transactional SMS:

Bulk Transactional SMS is best suited for banks and financial institutes. Extremely Useful in every aspect of business in terms of communication and SMS service. Boost productivity tenfold with open template transactional SMS and closed template transactional SMS. The Digital India is the market leader in transactional SMS gateway provider in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and the rest of India. We have built a sophisticated and easy to use bulk SMS service gateway. Using next-generation APIs, The Digital India empowers Banks, eCommerce platforms, Financial institutions, and many more to keep users informed and updated through front end user panel and integrating APIs in apps and is supported by all programming languages.

Since its inception in 2010, The Digital India has built tie-ups with major mobile operators. Hence, giving us the ability to provide varied and numerous bulk SMS gateways.

A strong affiliation with mobile operators all over India enables The Digital India to provide its users with a number of gateway options and making sure all customers are kept in the loop for all their financial actions and transactions.