What We Offer


The go-to solution for security, verification, and delivery through the leading OTP SMS gateway.

Transactional SMS

This form of bulk SMS is suited for banks and financial services. Extremely Useful in every aspect of business in terms of communication and SMS service.

Promotional SMS

Servise aims to be the leading bulk business SMS service provider that will help you increase your reach with your target audiences via offers , updates, and SMS marketing.

Voice SMS/O.B.D

Voice SMS is the perfect alternative for response capturing through innovative SMS API.

Short Code

Short Codes are efficient response capturing systems that can be easily handled by an automated system.

Long Code

Also known as a Virtual Mobile Number, Long Codes are the perfect tool to allow individuals to connect with brands frequently.

Miss Call

Give your customers the ease and pocket-friendly option to connect with your brand.

Bulk Email

A great tool to be used for promotional activities or can be used simply to keep customers or clients in the loop about products, services.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a way to enhance the findability of your website on all search engines resulting in a greater inflow of customers.

Other Digital Marketing

Articulate and content-driven digital marketing solutions for better customer reach and retention.

Google Ads

Google AdWords excels at getting instant visibility across Google's search engine to reach your target audiences.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has massive traffic generated every day. Social media marketing takes advantage of this fact to increase reach to a larger customer base.