Long Code:

10 digit long codes, also identified as “commercial long codes”, these contact numbers will become the new norm in A2P text messaging for many businesses. While it may sound puzzling, it’s straightforward. A 10DLC number is just a standard 10-digit phone number that reinforces the immense volume messaging throughout required for business use cases. As business text messaging and SMS marketing have expanded, so have the needs to bulk messaging services. 10 DLC SMS is the higher breed of A2P text messaging that focuses on this definite demand.

A limited number of messages can be sent per minute-Long code SMS numbers are not designed for mass messaging of hundreds or thousands of customers. They’re intended for 1-on-1 conversations. Which makes it ideal when you are using your number to interact with customers.

We base a substitute for inbound SMS on long numbers, which can be operated in place of short codes for SMS reception in several operations, such as TV voting, product promotions and campaigns. Long numbers work all over the world, allowing businesses to use their numbers, as a substitute to short codes, which are shared across many brands and businesses.gh-volume or time-bound messages.

SMS long codes refer to a model 10-digit assigned phone number that facilitates a business to receive SMS text messages and voice messages from anywhere in the world. Unlike short codes, which are shared across many brands, long codes allow businesses to have their dedicated phone number to receive and transmit SMS text messages. These long codes are contracted for person-to-person transmission, complementary to the way cellphone texting plans operate.